Attempting to find something noteworthy to write about, I look around my surroundings. Cars, my travel bag, my family, my iPad with an attached earphone cable and the road. Now, someone who is particularly observant may have subconsciously realised that I provided slightly more detail in the description of the item I chose. Congratulations for being a ‘thinker’, if you aren’t-don’t worry- it’s probably not your fault. I picked the iPad by the way. I chose to write about what I could hear, music.

This isn’t just simply about music, I’m writing today about different influences and how we (particularly teenagers) are affected. Let me explain….

So, my favourite three songs are:

• Afraid of Falling-By Stylez Major

•Ghosts-By BANNΞRS

•You are the Reason-By Calum Scott

Songs mean so many different things to different people, here are my meanings:

Afraid of Falling is about breaking your fears, and confronting suicide and mental illness. Ghosts is about haunting memories, and regrets. You are the Reason reminds me so much that I cried once about friends and family. One of my best friends has anorexia and I just want to give her a hug <333, without her I probably wouldn’t be exactly who I am and to know that she-my ‘reason’- is struggling makes me upset but that song make me feel happier..

So, you probably haven’t heard about of any of those songs, if you like any of them then I love you ;). I don’t care if you like them or not, or what music you enjoy. I think that we should all appreciate how many songs there are out there and we should all be appreciative of different peoples taste in music and anything else. Strive and discover what your true favourite songs are and WHY…

No matter which songs are in the charts, which clothes are in season, which videos are in the trending section. Be yourself, no matter what.

Lots of people struggle to understand others feelings and their surrounding and what is going on. I’m not a scientist but I believe that not listening to music they LOVE or videos, clothes, food, anything-they lose a sense of a certain happiness; individuality.

So one day this week, freeze everything and think about what you would really like to say in response to “What are your favourite things?”

Be Proud ❤️❤️❤️


Hey, I doubt anyone will read this but… oh well! 

This is my first WordPress blog and I’m really excited! More than usual! Wow…

Anyway, who am I? I am a 13 year old girl living in England, I am a proud survivor of depression and anxiety and I’m here to ranttttt! :)))…. 

My rants will be meaningful though, I won’t be getting worked up over the new Starbucks cup design, or how the Kardashians aren’t revealing anything about their pregnancies, why, why do we need to know? I will hopefully be keeping a level head and expressing my opinions kindly, if anyone wants to join for the ride, then you’re very welcome to! Please give me ideas, I really want to do some debates and Q and As… but let’s see what the future will hold

Thanks! Xxx